Fly Single aims to build on the huge success of social networking and online dating to turn flying alone from a chore into an adventure.

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FlySingle offers three different options for connecting to the App. This enables users to customize their FlySingle experience and determine not only where their information is shared but also what type of people the database will help them connect with.

For social fliers, there is an option to connect quickly and easily with their Facebook account. The option of logging in with a LinkedIn account gives business travelers an opportunity to make new business connections.

For those looking to maintain a degree of anonymity, there is the option to create a unique FlySingle profile.

Select for Matching

Once a user has logged in to the App, they will then be directed to input details about their flight. Next, they will be asked to specify whether they are looking for a male, female, friendship or business match.

After the user has entered their flight details and indicated what type of match they are looking for, FlySingle will then scan through its database for suitable matches on the same flight or with similar travel plans.

Book Flights

In the beginning, the App will serve to connect people who have already booked their flights.

However, once the App is up and running with a sizeable database, users will be given the additional option of booking flights directly through the App.

To facilitate this, a partnership can be established with a flight booking firm such as Expedia and their booking engine can be branded and embedded into the FlySingle App in order to create additional revenue streams through ticket sales.

Find matches in the
same flight & airport

When a user logs in to FlySingle and enters their flight details and search parameters, the App scours through its database to find suitable matches.

The search results can then be refined to include only matches on the same flight or all matches in the same airport at the same time.

The aim of the App is to turn the often tedious experience of traveling alone into a more fun and exciting journey.


Once the user has been presented with all of the suitable matches from the FlySingle database, they have the chance to connect with anyone who takes their interest. They can send a connect request, share chat messages and hook up.

They can even choose to meet before their actual flight so that they really get to know each other better before they travel.

Travel Together

If two travelers connect through the App and decide that they are suitably matched, they can use FlySingle to arrange to sit together on their flight in return for a small handling fee.

In this way, the App allows single travelers to connect before their journey, get a real feel for each other, and turn the long tedious solo flights into a fun journey spent in the company of a newfound friend with the same interests.